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our peculiar and unparalleled vision

Our vision as a play school is to bestow these blooming flowers with immense love so that they always spread their fragrance wherever they go.

We have self tailored program which stitiches together the emotional , physical and intellectual growh of a child and brings out the most peculiar pattern in the world which indeed would be different from others but best of the child.

We understand that each child is unique and that is why we don’t force a common methodology and pattern for all. At Kinder Pandas we follow different methods for different need.

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Kinder Pandas
Kinder Pandas
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To achive 5 principles of Early Childhood Education

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Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach which seeks to address all aspects of child’s development, fostering well rounded individuals. Physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs.

Child Centered Learning

Focus is on the child as an active participant in their learning journey.

Play Based Learning

It integrates play into curriculum, allowing children to explore, experiment and develop essential skills through enjoyable activities.

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Welcome to the world of KINDER PANDAS PLAY SCHOOL. We at Kinder Pandas aim to provide a unique and utilize the latest methodology to cater to and nurture young minds through daily activities, while also ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. The structure and curriculum have been specifically designed for young minds by a team of experts. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, we strongly believe that children learn in many ways and that the environment plays an important role in this. Teachers at Kinder Pandas Play School take extra time to observe each child individually.

In a short span of time, KINDER PANDAS PLAY SCHOOL and DAY CARE have become one of the popular names across India. In the very first year of commencement, we were awarded the best play school in Panchkula and the 5th best play school in Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali by the Times of India survey. Our teaching methods have been appreciated by parents, other institutions, and visitors.

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Kinder Pandas
Kinder Pandas
Kinder Pandas
Kinder Pandas

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Admission decisions at Cherubs Playway are based solely on personal interaction with parents & Children

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