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Providing Good Qualities For Your Loving Kids


Bus Service

Discover hassle-free school pick- up & drop options with our diverse routes, offering flexible schedules to accommodate kids from area around.


Sports Training

Embark into a journey of fitness by engaging kids in a spectrum of sports activities that cater to diverse preferences - from exhilarating challenges to serene leisure pursuits - all guided by passionate instructors dedicated to enhancing their fitness, well-being, and fostering a sense of camaraderie and achievement among our KinderPandas


Music Training

Experience the transformative joy of self-expression through the enchanting realms of music and dance in our diverse programs. Every beat and movement cultivates personal growth and artistic exploration, allowing individuals to embrace a rich tapestry of creative expression, from classical elegance to contemporary rhythms.


Best Teachers

At KinderPandas our pride lies in the caliber of our teaching staff. Comprising of seasoned experts, they are not just educators but mentors dedicated to igniting passion, and creating a supportive environment for every student's success. Their commitment goes beyond imparting knowledge; they shower genuine love for kids, ensuring personalized attention and expertise for each individual's journey.

Kinder Pandas
Kinder Pandas
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Kinder Pandas
Kinder Pandas
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We have been working passionately with an ambition of empathetically nurturing the budding minds not only to the best of their potential but also to let them take a flight even beyond.

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Admission decisions at Cherubs Playway are based solely on personal interaction with parents & Children

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